Personal Financial Planning

A client-focused process tailored to help individuals develop financial goals,
develop a financial road map, and implement the necessary financial tools and strategies to manage the basic stages of wealth management

Supported by:

• Personal financial planning

• Investment management products (e.g., stocks,bonds, mutual funds)

• Insurance planning and products (e.g., term,universal, and variable life; health; long-term care;and disability insurance)

• Asset allocation services

• Educational program

• Tax-sensitive planning

• Estate planning coordination services

Practice Areas


Multi-generational Financial Planning

A visionary approach designed to support the accumulation, conservation, utilization, and transfer of family wealth. These services are geared toward higher-net-worth clients—executives, professionals,or business owners.

Supported by:

• Estate Planning coordination services

• Business succession consulting and planning

• Advanced income and estate tax advising

• Charitable giving tools and techniques

• Wealth Transfer techniques

Business Financial Planning

A personalized approach to business owners focused on developing objectives, ​strategies, and tactics to pursue long-term financial results.

Supported by:

• Employee group benefits

• Executive compensation planning

• Retirement plan services

• Buy-sell agreement analysis and funding

• Business succession planning

• Estate planning for the closely held business